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Exo Squad

The early 22nd century saw two major scientific advances. The first was the development of terraforming technology. The second was the creation of Neo-Sapiens, a new race of genetically modified humans with super strength and intelligence. Like many advances in science these had wide ranging effects, both good and bad. Mars and Venus were soon colonized. However, the criminals who operated these colonies soon rebelled and became space pirates. The colonies were repopulated with neo-sapiens, who were forced to into slave labor. The neo-sapiens tried to rebel, but the coup was put down by humans in exo power suits. There followed fifty years of peace. The pirates began to become more aggresive under the leadership of Jonas Simbacca. Earth dispatched its exo space fleet to deal with the pirate menace. Phaeton, leader of the neo-sapiens, seized this opportunity to rebel, capture earth, and enslave the humans. Can the exo fleet recapture earth and put down Phaeton's revolt? The fate of mankind lies in the balance.