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Six Million Dollar Man

The Steve Austin doll was the basic component of the whole line of Six Million Dollar Man-themed toys from Kenner. At 13", he stood slightly taller than the Jaime Sommers doll, allowing for the two to appear properly scaled when used together. He featured many interactive items, including a bionic eye the user could actually look through, an arm that would lift items when a trigger on the back was pushed, and roll-back skin that would display interchangeable bionic elements. It was also possible to switch out both the bionic arm and legs with mission-specific limbs. The doll eventually had a range of clothing, somewhat akin to Jaime's Designer Collection. The basic wardrobe worn by the doll is based upon the tracksuit Austin wears during his test run in the original pilot movie and subsequently in the opening credits of the series. Due to the rather large trigger in the doll's back, however, all of the doll's shirts and jackets needed to incorporate holes to allow for it.

Various other toys, such as vehicles and "sets" were scaled to accommodate the doll.

It was released in two similar editions.